Dual Ring

Dual Ring

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A signet that delivers positive energy, the classic ying yang offers a contrasting black and white balance. A standout all on its own, this hefty ring is equal parts bold and balancing. Perfect for the summer.


  • Size 6
  • Color: Pink and white
  • Material: 18 Karat Gold Plated on brass ( Beautiful quality)
  • Dimensions: Band Width: 3.5mm
  • Ying Yang Signet :13 mm diameter.


About the Brand:

Based in Los Angeles, OUTOFOFFICE is the creation of Korean-American designer, Diana Travis. At its heart, OOO lets the wearer be both artist and muse; creator and creation. OOO's pieces find new life and purpose in the simplicity of traditional forms, untethered from their heritage. Carefully crafted and mindfully sourced, an effortless addition to any individual style.

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