etúHOME Decor + Tabletop

etúHOME elevates the everyday with European-made artisan kitchen accents and tabletop. The company is committed to creating sustainably responsible pieces from reclaimed wood and recycled glass. Handmade by local artisans in Europe, we believe that the quality and craftmanship of how products are made are equally important to how they look. etuHOME's timeless pieces ask to be passed from one generation to another.

étuHOME is a unique selection of beautiful items for your kitchen and home. Two tone cake stands, colorful charcuterie boards, wooden bowls in pastel hues - your kitchen will be as unique as you are. The artisan wood iPad or Cookbook holder is a must have and the perfect gift for the cook who "has everything."

étuHOME goods also make wonderful hostess gifts, anniversary gifts or wedding gifts.

Here's a quick recipe for two seasonal charcuterie board:

Hanukkah Board:

1. etúHOME charcuterie board

Arrange on top:

2. Hanukkah gelt (gold chocolate coins)

3. White chocolate covered pretzels

4.Small bowl of salted almonds

5. Sharp cheddar or other cheese

6. Crackers

7. Sliced apples

Arrange the above on the board and enjoy!