Julie Cohn Design Jewelry

Handcrafted bronze and clay jewelry from Dallas, Texas

Julie Cohn Design is artisan jewelry, handcrafted in bronze and clay in Dallas, Texas. Julie Cohn’s creative endeavors have come together to form her unique vision and aesthetic, characterized by the tension between rough and refined, primitive and modern, ultimately paring things down to their essence.

Our Julie Cohn collection includes earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

Julie Cohn's work in bronze captures the tension between rough and refined, primitive and modern. Ultimately it pares things down to their essence - we're honored to carry this line of stand-out pieces that can make a statement all on its own or be layered for an individual look!

Educated as a painter and printmaker Julie studied the craft of bookbinding and box-making to house her prints which lead her down a diverse design path that included rugs, textiles, hardware, tabletop, collaborations with architects and public art. With her jewelry collection, Julie Cohn Design seeks to work with predominantly non-precious materials  (bronze and clay versus gold and gems) and elevate them through form and design.

In our Julie Cohn Design collection you'll find organic forms such as egg-shapes as well as pieces that harken to the past such as the beautiful intaglios in clay. The pieces stand out on their own, but also look beautiful layered.