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Sile Mini Shirt Dress| | Off-white

Slip-on our mini shirt dress on top of your bikini, or jump into the dress before running out to take a walk on the busy city streets. Casual and stylish, the mini shirt dress comes with buttons on the front and extra pockets for daily use. Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the fabric of the dress has durability and a unique soft texture, letting the gauzy Sile fabric breathe and touch the skin lightly. One size fits all Width: 0.56 mt/22 in Length: 0.95 mt/37 in
Made in Turkey

About the Brand: is a collection of ethically conscious resort wear and home textiles created by hand. The women-owned company approaches production processes with the utmost care to ensure they are following sustainable best practices. products are designed specifically for your comfort and can be worn all year long in all types of settings: the beach, at home, in town.