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Five Steps for Adding Color to your Neutral Home

August 11, 2021 2 min read

Five Steps for Adding Color to your Neutral Home

Neutrals have been at the forefront of design the over past few years, and we love them for their soothing, harmonious qualities. But, what happens when your neutrals start to feel a bit, um,...boring? 


Whether you went all out on gray tones, or tended towards earthy hues, a splash of color can be just the thing to brighten your home, workspace and mood. While you're at it, layer in some texture too. A basket, knit throw, or shiny lamp will keep the eye engaged.

Now..on to the color. 

Think about what colors appeal to you. Is you home shades of bone and beige, but you long for magenta? Or does the call of the ocean appeal to you? Bold color can be soothing or energizing. 

Five ideas for adding color:

One: Plants and Planters

Of course you can never go wrong with plants, but think about planters, too. There are so many beautiful planters available from baskets to works by ceramic artists and sold by various flower shops and online plant shops such as Terrain, or Bloomist. Of course we also love our animal-shaped eco-friendly coco-coir planters from Likha for a wonderful whimsical touch and our handmade planter baskets from KAZI:

If you don't have a green thumb, there are many beautiful dried flowers or artificial plants that can enhance your space.  Put them in a colorful vase (flea market and vintage finds tends to be colorful or a glass mason jar and let the stems peek through! 


Two: Add Color in the Kitchen

Your neutral kitchen..All white, grey or taupe, beautiful, elegant and clean. But could it do with a pop of color now an again?  Instead of painting cabinets, you can add some fun and useful accessories such as our kitchen collection from etúHOME, which lets you add a touch of blue with the iPad/ Cookbook holder, a gorgeous statement-making pink wooden bowl, or a colorful cutting board. Each of these is functional as well as well as textured and able to work with a variety of decor styles.

Three: Brighten Up Your Work-from-Home Station

Now for the home office, or the corner workspace you may have if you are working from home. No matter the size of your office...even if it's corner, nightstand, or part of the kitchen table, you can benefit from a pop of color.


A colorful coffee mug or teapot, candle, child's artwork or a pretty notebook or pen can brighten the mood of working from home or paying bills at the kitchen table table.

Four: Borrow From Your Closet For Home Decor

 Jewelry, hats and other accessories or even clothes can look great on display in other rooms.  Lay a beaded necklace across some books or fill a bowl. Create a vignette with a bowl, jewelry and a taller object such as a vase or stack of books. Hats and scarves are also great to add color and interest. 

necklaces on tray


Five: Go for a Tried and True Method

Adding or changing up artwork, baskets, throws or pillows can always revitalize a space! 






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