Chalonne luxury watch bands

Announcing our Partership with Chalonne Luxury Bands for the Apple Watch®

Introducing Lucette X Chalonne

We are excited to announce that Lucette Collection has partnered with Chalonne to sell a curated selection of Chalonne luxury watchbands for the Apple Watch®. Chalonne, based in Bel Air, California, is the leading maker of luxury and bespoke Apple Watch® bands.  

When Stephanie Goldman, Lucette's founder, met Carlye Morgan, Chalonne's founder, through a women’s networking group, Stephanie immediately felt that Chalonne would be a great fit for Lucette. Stephanie recognized the luxury craftsmanship and fine jewelry details of the line and knew the watch bands would resonate with the Lucette customer. 

Perfect for the Customer on the Go

Chalonnes luxury watch bands are the perfect fit the Lucette customer, who is always on the go, whether around her neighborhood or around the world. -Stephanie Goldman 

The beautiful materials, styles, and colors of the Chalonne collection are inspired by travel, art, and Carlye's native Los Angeles.

A Commitment to Giving Back

Carly and Stephanie also shared a belief in giving back, and both companies make a donation with each purchase. Chalonne makes a donation upon each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Fund, and Lucette donates to various charities each month through our partnership with Shopping Gives. 

Chalonne luxury watch band Bedarra strap

Lucette is excited to offer a beautiful selection of Chalonne luxury bands to our customers. A curated selection of Chalonne’s luxury Apple Watch bands is available on our site now. 

Chalonne’s luxury women’s watch bands bring elegant, expressive style and timeless design to any Apple Watch. Crafted with care in France, these brilliant bands incorporate the finest leathers, unique gemstones, and 14k solid gold into their stunning designs. Founded in 2019 by LA native Carlye Morgan, the brand is a marriage of her love for bold, confident, enduring everyday style and her appreciation for the technology of today. Chalonne’s unique pieces adorn the wrists of women who appreciate accessories with uncompromising quality and chic design to complement their personal style.


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