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Take Your Style Cues From Your Favorite TV Show With These Accessories

Get Accessories Style Inspiration from Your Favorite Show

Accessories can say a lot about your style. 

Whether you stream Netflix or Hulu, we've got the perfect accessory ideas to help you channel your inner character. Check out our accessory roundup, below, for some accessory inspiration!

Regencycore Style

Regency style illustration

If you're a fan of the Netflix series Bridgerton, you'll love the delicate, whimsical jewelry pieces from Les Néréides. Fruits, flowers, birds in soft pastels adorned with jewels perfectly capture the refined, blossoming youthfulness of the Regencycore look.

Luxe Resort Style

Luxe resort style - Accessories in White Lotus Style

HBO's The White Lotus season 1 showcased a variety of resort looks that reflected each character's personality. While you may not want to emulate their actions, you can certainly nail the luxe resort style of the show with lucite bamboo hoops from Gold & Honey and a statement beach bag from Sensi Studio. Hats are a great statement accessory, such as this one from Eugenia Kim.

Rock out in 80s Style

80s Accessory Style

If you're a fan of the Netflix's Stranger Things, chances are you're obsessed with the retro '80s style. The scrunchie is an an iconic fashion statement of the 80s. I'm With the Band elevates the hair accessory with of luxe line of scrunchies and scrunchie hair ties in silk, velvet and other luxe materials in styles named after favorite pop songs.

Explore our I'm with the Band Collection here.

Stay Tuned for more Accessories Fun and Inspiration

We hope you found this a fun way to channel the look of your favorite show. "Stay tuned" for more in the series.


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