Teacher Gift Guide - Give Small Batch and Sustainable Gifts Teachers will Love!

Teacher Gift Guide - Give Small Batch and Sustainable Gifts Teachers will Love!

At holiday time, you want to thank teachers for their hard work during the year. But it can be hard to find a quality gift at a lower price point.

In our Gift Guide for teachers, we've put together some ideas for meaningful, yet well-priced, holiday gifts to show teachers just how much they're appreciated. 

Many of these gift ideas are made in small batches by small businesses including women-owned brands, ensuring they'll be a unique and welcome surprise for the recipient. 


Teacher Gift Guide

1. The Palms Notepad will keep you in the vacation mindset, $7.50 by J. Falkner based in Palm Beach, Florida. 

2. These yellow Foil Stamped Pencils in Box, $15.00 by Hadron Epoch, an LA-based design studio read"When in Doubt, Dance it Out" and will put a smile on any teacher's face. 

3. Bookends Mug, $15 by UK-based The Completist is perfect for any booklover on your list. 

4. Luxury Pink Pencils in Box, $20 by UK based stationery studio Katie Leamon.

5. The Seaberry Candle by Old Whaling Company, $18 is a delicous scent, crafted in small batches in Charleston, SC.

4. Peppermint Woven Bowl. $30, sustainable and fair trade made.

5. Set of Two Teacher Pocket Notebooks, $11

8. Spongellé Soap Infused Sponge in Papaya/Yuzu, $12. Also available in rose. 

9. Be Kind Needlepoint Keychain, $25, made in Haiti.

10. Andalucia Planner, $38 also made in the UK by The Completist. 

11. Kikoy Elephant Ornament, $10 is a meaningful handcrafted ornament perfect for any time of your. 

We hope you enjoy our selection of teacher gifts. There's lots more small gifts and stocking stuffers to explore. 




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