French Style with Les Néréides

French Style with Les Néréides Jewelry

A world of wonderful delights awaits you with Les Néréides Paris fashion jewelry.

We are honored to carry the uniquely whimsical and lovely French brand Les Néréides. This family-owned company is based in Paris and was founded in 1980 by Pascale and Enzo, a husband and wife team. Today their children have joined the team. Les Néréides Jewelry is sold around the world at elegant jewel-box company shops and other boutiques. We are honored to bring a bit of Paris to South Florida and online at Lucette Collection.

Les Néréides seasonal and classic collections are inspired by whimsy and flights of fancy.

Pascale and Enzo cite many inspirations including flea markets, old dolls, travel, and more. Collections may recall fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, a garden in Provence, and often animals, a favorite of the brand. Those who love antique pieces (which we do!), vintage and whimsy will find the brand really speaks to them. But the modern jewelry fan will also find many pieces to love, such as the Fleur de Chance earrings, delicate clover leaves that can also read contemporary.


Flowers are a signature of the line. Each piece of Les Néréides sold by Lucette will be accompanied by a LN signature pouch as well as one of our own custom Lucette pouches or boxes depending on the size. 

Les Nereides earrings

Forget Me Not Rosebud Earrings

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