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Meet Thimble, pretty in pink and your strongest ally, Thimble is the lion and the lamb in any situation. You can deal with anything with a Thimble on your team.

  • 100% polyester.
  • Machine or hand wash
  • Air dry only
  • Color: White and Pink

About the Brand:

A Mimbleball is a round plush therapy toy for everyone who needs a little extra love, joy, laughter, connection, and comfort.

The cuddly, comforting companion.

Friendly, fun, and fluffy, the Mimbleball was invented in January 2017 by Theo Chambers, age 10, in Moorpark, CA. What started as a ball of the softest faux fur was transformed into a hairball with personality through the addition of button eyes and a creative haircut. The surprise asset of a Mimbleball is the way its hair stands straight up with a gentle tap on the bottom or a quick shake, much to everyone's delight. The first few tosses made this truly humorous asset apparent almost right away. Discovered through play! There is an endless array of uses for these cuddly, comforting companions, especially in this time of pandemic. Therapists, college students, teachers, counselors, sleep-away campers, caregivers, chemo patients, memory care workers, sensory-challenged people, parents, grandparents, and children of all ages have all found them useful, comforting, and fun. The reaction of every person, young and old, is spontaneous joy. Without fail, every person who encounters a Mimbleball laughs. That alone is sufficient reason to bring Mimbleballs into the world. It is our hope that Mimbleballs convey an essential sense of solace, tactile satisfaction, companionship, warmth, constancy, and love to everyone who meets this friendly, fun, and fluffy 5” ball.

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