Lani In Orange + Peach
Lani In Orange + Peach
Lani In Orange + Peach
Lani In Orange + Peach

Lani In Orange + Peach

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  • FINISH. Orange - Glossy / Peach - Matte
  • MATERIALS. PlasticDIM. 2.6 L .6 W
  • STYLE. Alligator Style
  • HOLD. Strong Grip
  • Made in China

About the Brand:

Nat + Noor offers  jewelry and accessories inspired by simplicity, authenticity and quality. We love the well worn staples. We create with you in mind, hoping your piece will be used and loved. Natalia, the founder and creative director, has a background in art and design. She is obsessed with colors, patterns and texture. She creates pieces with both aesthetic and functionally in mind. Noor means light in Arabic. This word encompasses what we are trying to create and spread. Eco Friendly? We are very conscious of waste and using renewable materials at NAT + NOOR. It is easy to label something as eco-friendly, sustainable or natural. There are many factors that truly go into caring and making a difference in the eco space. There is the manufacture process, the shipping materials and the product itself. I believe this question deserves some serious thought and consideration. Are we dedicated to being conscious of the whole process, the waste, the ethics and everything that goes into making a product. YES! We are intentionally transparent about our process, constantly trying to improve and problem solve in order to lower environmental impact.

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