Celestial Star Pendant
Celestial Star Pendant
Celestial Star Pendant
Celestial Star Pendant
Celestial Star Pendant
Celestial Star Pendant

Celestial Star Pendant

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The Celestial Star Pendant, with the lapis lazuli gemstone, is a talisman that supports identifying, communicating, and attracting your deepest desires.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Includes jewelry pouch
  • Woman-owned
  • Small Batch
  • Made in Morocco

Nomadic Priestess is a collaboration between American designer Page Terlizzi and Moroccan master craftsman Said Elsabayi that revitalizes the traditional craft of bespoke silversmithing and hand engraving through bold, reimagined, modern design.

Their debut "Elemental Essence" collection incorporates hand-carved symbols and semi-precious gemstones into heirloom statement jewelry inspired by Morocco's diverse natural landscape. Each piece is 925 sterling silver.

From its vast terracotta desert (fire), to the mysterious blues of its Atlantic coast (water), across its lush green date tree oases (earth), and with the celestial motifs (air/ether) of its indigenous folklore, each piece carries the symbols, colors, and essence of these natural elements.

The brand's tagline "Embody Your Divine Essence" reflects its mission to offer deeply personal jewelry talismans.

Nomadic Priestess pieces can be worn to celebrate an individual's character and story, or as a protective or intentional talisman. Wear daily to bring one or more of the four elements into balance or to cultivate more creativity, flow, abundance, transformation, and healing.

Nomadic Priestess is a social enterprise that invests 15% of its profits into training a new generation of skilled artisans in Morocco.

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