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Clovis Jewelry

Cedar Ridge Earrings

The shape of the Cedar Ridge earrings complements any style and face shape. Each piece is individually handcrafted therefore length, shape, and texture may vary slightly.

Available in gold filled. 

About the Brand:

Clovis Jewelry is inspired by the simple elements, seasons and colors found in nature. Founded by owner and designer Sarah Welles, Clovis Jewelry based in the northern Rocky Mountains. Sarah has been designing and handcrafting authentic high-quality limited-edition pieces from her home studio for over 18 years. By hand selecting her materials she is able to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of her work.Using gemstones (turquoise, coral, carnelian, pearls, citrine, lapis, jade, etc.), sterling silver, gold-filled and rose gold-filled metals, she brings the highest quality to her customers. Each piece is delicate and lightweight, perfect for all day and everyday wear! Explore and enjoy!

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