Get the Look: New England Coastal Cool Moodboard

Get the Look: New England Coastal Cool

Today's Monday Moodboard is inspired by cool ocean breezes and places like coastal Maine, Cape Cod, and Long Island. There's nothing like crisp morning air at the sea!


Create a cozy escape with a handcrafted mug of coffee or tea, a favorite candle, linen blouse cotton throw, and a touch of green or pale blue. For practical matters, we love a large oversized boat tote. 

You can channel this feeling with 

  1. Copper Candle by the Copper Cul de Sac
  2. Julie Cohn Ore Bronze Prehnite Earrings
  3. ShoreBags Classic Boat and Tote 
  4. Espresso Coffee Mug from Collective Humanity
  5. Oversized Tunic in Coastal Fog

Have a wonderful week!




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