Cozy Gift Guide

Cozy Gift Guide

Whether you're gearing up for a holiday beach house getaway or just dreaming of one, we've got the perfect cozy gift guide gift for the hostess or friend who loves spending time by the sea. From soft blankets and luxurious robes to  candles and coastal decor, these gifts will make anyone feel right at home.



Starting with the top left, here are our suggestions for a cozy weekend by the sea (or anywhere)!


1. Waffles in Bed Robe by Printfresh.

2. Throw by Collective Humanity

3. Cozy Image

4. PURE Headband by Care by Me, sustainably made

5. North Cable Throw in Organic Cotton by Care by Me

6. Lavender Eye Pillow by Lavande

7. Cozy Image

8. Bowl on Stand by Kazi, sustainable

9. Candles by The Copper Cul de Sac.







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