Resort Wear in Candy-Colors

Resort Wear in Candy-Colors

Today's Monday Moodboard is inspired by candy-colored resort wear and tropical colors. We had fun sharing the beautiful Anasa Nuru Tunic sustainably made in Kenya, Gold & Honey iridescent bangle, nature-inspired jewelry by Argentine designer Sibilia, Seaweed Candle by Old Whaling Company and gorgeous emerald (May's birthstone!) heart necklace by Jeweled Coquette.  Here are the shopping details on this tropical resort wear look: 

ANASA Nuru Tunic Anasa resort wear is sustainably made in Kenya 

Seaweed and Seasalt Candle by Old Whaling Company 

Pink Iridescent Lucite Slip on Bangle by Gold & Honey

Leiko Clutch Made in Hawaii of Vintage Fabrics

Tassel Emerald and Pave Heart Necklace - get your #neckmess started in one go ! 

Live Aloha Nail Polish by Maui Soap Company (ten-free polish)

Botanical Necklace by Sibilia- handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina





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