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What to Pack for a Florida Beach Outing

Our Monday moodboard comes early this week with a special "SUNday" edition.

Today's Sunday styles are inspired by practicality with a dose of the French Riviera Joie de Vivre. We take a a stylish yet practical bag by ShoreBags and combine it with some handmade pieces and French style touches.  Un deux weekend look is done! 

Just a quick note...while we paired the jewelry for a fun after-beach look, we do not recommend wearing this or any  jewelry--faux, fashion or fine jewelry in the ocean, pool or even in the shower. Salt, sand and chlorine & bath products can be damaging to jewelry.

Our collection of sustainably made Shorebags includes every size you might need for the beach, depending on whether you are a minimalist or maximalist.

What we recommend for your beach bag..

  1. Towel - We like a thinner towel to better shake off sand 
  2. Hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Something to read
  5. Spray bottle with water
  6. Water or beverage in reusable drink bottle
  7. Healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit
  8. Sunscreen all day! 
  9. Lipbalm 
  10. Ideally just a small wallet or cash to pay for necessities
  11. Wipes and hand sanitizer
  12. Change of shoes for after beach
  13. Coverup for after beach
  14. Hair ties



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